Simple Tutoring

About Us

Simple Tutoring is an Education Group based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We deal with most things educational from tutoring services and mentorship programmes to providing performance and learning management tools along with teacher aids.

Simplicity is our formula. We live out this ideal by making learning fun and simple. The passion of our leadership and staff has translated into a purposeful mission of helping learners not only succeed in education, but also in life.

Goals and Objectives

To make education accessible to every child not only in South Africa but on the continent too.


To be a world class education and learning service provider.

Mission Statement

Many of the learners we provide our services to were born into poverty, and some were abused, neglected or abandoned. With the right inspiration and a little help on the academic front, these learners can quickly catch up in school, get ahead and develop the skills and self-esteem to be successful in life.

Our mission is thus to enhance the learners' educational experience, helping them to enjoy learning, by raising standards and improving individual performance assisting them to make their best contribution to society.

We go out of our way to simplify learning in order to make it effective, convenient and simple.

We're always interested in collaborating with companies to provide an enhanced learning experience. Should you wish to get in touch with our company, kindly contact us.